2 in 1 Wireless MagSafe Power Bank

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2 in 1

Double the Power

Never let the fear of a dead battery disrupt your day again. Our powerful power bank charges your devices super fast, up to several times! Feel the peace of mind and freedom that comes with double the power always at your fingertips. Stay connected, stay powerful, and experience every moment without interruption.

Compact and Stylish Design

Our power bank combines power with elegance in a compact and stylish design. Made from high-quality aluminum, it is not alone
strong, but also resistant to water, so you can rely on it anytime, anywhere. With the built-in LED display you always know exactly how much
power is still left, so that you will never unexpectedly run out of power again
to sit. Go for the perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics with our power

Reliable and Safe

The Universal Power Bank supports USB-C PD fast charging for all compatible devices up to a maximum output of 20W. You can simply plug in a USB CC or USB CA cable, connect it to your smart device, and charging will begin.

Powerful Mobility

With 10,000 mAh of power in the palm of your hand, the 2-in-1 power bank offers ultimate convenience for on-the-go energy. Effortlessly charge your devices and experience the freedom of uninterrupted power wherever your adventures take you.