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From our satisfied customers

Luke V.

Came in a beautiful box. Charges very quickly, is not too large and the screen also accurately indicates how much battery the power bank has left. It took me a while to find the cables that were sent, then luckily I saw that they were attached to the power bank
be stuck. Looks a lot bigger in the photo than in real life. Until now
very happy with it

Travel Bundel - Scit1


Top Product!!

Works very well for my older iPhone. I can now charge my work phone and my own phone at the same time.
Great purchase!!


Chose the bundle because it was cheaper. At first I was a bit afraid that I would regret it, but later it turned out to be the opposite. I travel a lot for work so I was able to use both devices well for my apple watch, phones, earbuds and
tablet. Got through 3 days with all my gear thanks to both power banks.

Travel Bundel - Scit1

Thijs Vermeer

Better than apple

This wireless power bank has very good and strong magnetic connection. Compared to Apple MagSafe power bank, this power bank has much higher battery capacity + and the magnetic connection is much stronger than that of Apple MagSafe power bank!!!